Personal Log:

Personal Log Stardate 0525.18

Marcus Polk reporting....

Yeah, I think this is how these things are meant to start. I am not sure really. I have been working on the Monroe as a bartender and cook for a bit in the lounge. I enjoy it but I had taken some time off to see family.

I've been gone so long I miss hashing out the synthehol and sometimes a bit of the good stuff from my family's brewery back home.

Oh crap... how do I delete this... um... computer get rid of the log!


I think that worked... um... or maybe it didn't oh well it's not like Captain reads these. They are personal right? right?

Back to the log. (clears throat)

I am seeing my family home from a little vacation and noticed out the window the Monroe docking at Furlandia. I felt a tear fall from my cheek as I see my home and crewmates. Hopefully, I will be able to sneak a runabout to Furlandia for a few hours... or day so I can see my crewmates...

and stash some Andorian Ale that I was able to pick up from a Ferengi trader in my quarters.

And Captian... first officer... if you do end up reading this...

You are welcome to half the bottle...

On the house of course.

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