Personal Log Stardate 2508.19

I arrived at the Spokanthro station in the company of another ensign and found the newly unveiled facility already bustling with activity. The promenade was nearly impassable, packed with aliens from the local systems who seemed delighted by the off-world goods and exotic items on display. I was impressed myself with the cryo-hive units and will definitely be petitioning the Captain for permission to install one in my quarters. Fresh honey in my morning tea makes all the difference, and I’ve yet to taste a replicated facsimile that comes close. The hives are extremely secure, and I’d be willing to share with the kitchens and other officers should I be allowed to proceed.

Which reminds me that I need to double check on the regulations involving catnip aboard ships with feliniods among the crew. The plants I’ve brought from Betazed would be a lovely addition to the botany labs, but I’ve no intention of causing havoc aboard the ship. Mental note: check with the Captain about hive and catnip plants.

But back to Spokanthro. After perusing the shops and spending a good deal of time in the arboretum—my companion was exceedingly patient with my lingering over the species and conditions there—we settled in to the new Klingon restaurant for some adventurous eating and to peruse the holo deck programs available on the station.

It was then that we first heard the reports of a missing ensign. Eager to offer our assistance, we quickly joined the search for the misplaced officer, who had failed to report in at their assigned time. The station was scoured from top to bottom, and just before Security could be brought into the mess, we discovered the shiftless ensign at a private dabo party in the Ferengi ambassador’s quarters.

All was well for the rest of the visit, and we had a fantastic time. Though I suspect the ensign in question will be scrubbing quite a few Jeffries tubes in the near future.

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