Holo-Engineer Log - Hologram Study Report 1 – Recording and Live Observation

SECTION 1 - Current Ship Status

Operational Status

  • The USS Dragonfly is constantly recording and livestreaming everywhere within the ship.

  • From any applicable viewing room (i.e. bridge, security, medical, etc) someone can watch all activity happening within the ship.

For this report let us use the example of an ensign walking down the hallway.

There are two session types: recording and live viewing (known in the past as live streaming).

Recording Status

  • Recording allows for a later recreation of the ensign walking down the hallway.

  • From the recordings, we can re-create either 2D or 3D.

  • This recording has sensor technology as well (i.e. temperature, spatial displacement (also known as physical presence), moisture and more).

  • Section 2 goes further into detail about our experimental module that the USS Dragonfly is carrying.

Live Viewing Status

  • Live viewing allows for active observation of the ensign walking down the hallway.

  • If medical were observing live, they would receive instant notification that the ensign has a fever.

  • If security were observing live, they would receive instant notification that the person walking down the hallway is an imposter (i.e. a discrepancy of genetic traits such as face, height, etc.)

  • If the bridge were observing live, they would receive instant notification that the environment the ensign is walking through has become harmful even before the ensign would find out themselves (i.e. pressure leak, rising oxygen/gas levels and more).

SECTION 2 - The Exographic Observation Module

Item 1 - How Far We Have Come

Back on Earth, Sol (early 21st Century), there was no “perfect” camera. Entire checklists needed to be made and no-one single camera was capable of fulfilling all features at the same time.

The checklist items were the following:

  1. Wifi vs Bluetooth

  2. Livestream with Phone App vs PC Application

  3. Livestream to YouTube/Twitch/Facebook

  4. Livestream to Website

  5. Portable vs Phone Attachment

  6. Standard Capture vs 3D capture vs 360 capture

Item 2 - Where We Are

(current tech AND the experimental Exographic Observations Module)

On the USS Dragonfly, each checklist item in Item 1 above has been replaced with the following (in order).

  1. Thanks to one unified standard known as the Subspace Communication protocol, we have eliminated the need for concern on bandwidth, production costs and programming language barriers. And thanks to the Subspace Relay Network, we also do not need to be concerned about distance (provided it is within this Galaxy).

  2. Within the ship, all devices are connected through our central computer. This eliminates any concern for live viewing of information regardless if tablet, terminal, visor, view screen or even holo-technology is used to pull up the footage.

  3. Limited viewing through other party sites no longer applicable. The recording standard through our cameras and sensors is universal, thus the data is instantly transferrable and viewable on any platform the Federation or any of it’s allies use.

  4. Of all the technology that we have replaced, THIS is still applicable. We design in-fleet our own interface. And all interfaces are modular and we can add these modules at will. But at it’s core it is still the same as designing a 21st century website.

  5. The USS Dragonfly has a unique piece of engineering technology that separates this ship from other ships in the fleet; an exographic observation module. This module allows the whole ship to be observed from just one – singular location. Two are running constantly to prevent sabotage and damage during aggressive encounters with our environment.The are 4 of these on the ship:

  6. Two are always active on the ship itself.

  7. One equipped to a shuttle.

  8. One in storage for replacement and-or extracurricular use.

  9. The image captured by the exographic observation module is then converted into a holomatrix known as a holodeck pattern buffer or “holobuffer.” This allows us to recreate entire environments and subjects that are viewable from any angle. Thus eliminating the need to record 2D, 3D or 360.

Item 2 - How Far Will We Go

The holobuffer stores observational data such as light, temperature, energy, velocity, and more. However, it admittedly does not store ALL existential information. To do that would require the ever more intense transporter’s “pattern buffer.”

CURRENTLY: Due to data limitation, the USS Dragonfly’s holobuffer cannot store the SAME level of information as a transporter’s “pattern buffer” for extended periods of time. We have the option to EITHER record a year’s worth of recordings at high number of parameters OR record 100 years at low quantity of parameters.

CURRENTLY: With the information stored in the holobuffer matrix, we can EITHER replay any previously recorded events OR change parameters to create new ones.

However, what IF the holobuffer’s data was able to store the SAME level of information as a pattern buffer?

  • IF so, could the entire USS Dragonfly be recorded, capturing the entire ship and its crew in one instant in history?

  • And would that create duplicates of ourselves?

  • And would Starfleet then have an entire archive of ships and crew that can be re-created anytime one of our ships and crew gets destroyed?

  • And could we use holographic versions of ourselves in taking out enemy ships and bases?

  • And could we send those digital versions of ourselves be sent out as Wave 1 to "learn" from our encounters?

  • And could we send another digital version of ourselves out as Wave 2 that had learned the challenges that Wave 1 encountered?

  • And finally, could we re-create holograms un-discernable from reality itself? (Popularly known as “universe creation”.)

Supplemental: Further research into the capabilities, and the ethics of those capabilities, would need to be cleared by my commanding officers. I'm adding this here in-case the counselor and Starfleet get a hold of this recording and question my sanity.

Supplemental: I am under complete confidentiality about what I've seen so far with the exographic observation module.

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