2020.7.03-05 Shore Party

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

2020.07.07 Shore party mission report. The mission to the Moose Creek landing site has been successfully completed without incident.

The stated intent for this mission was to "1. Conduct planetside survival training, and 2. Provide much needed shore leave for members of the ship's company who have been on extended assignments on board."

The mission was staffed by the Security Division with attachments from Operations, Science, and Medical. Botanist Fox conducted the initial site survey and secured the camp until the shuttles carrying the main body and Security Chief arrived. The 2nd Officer arrived on the second day to assess the training and conduct the resupply of fresh protein.

A dinner of fresh chicken was prepared by the crew from scratch over a wood fire. Following dinner 3 personnel conducted a dismounted patrol and attempted, unsuccessfully, to catch fish. A separate team conducted training with a reconnaissance probe (drone) to observe the patrol.

The evening was passed around the watch fire observing the local population's celebratory fireworks. Sadly the time to leave came too soon. The crew broke camp and made their way back to their regular duty assignments.

It is my opinion that this event was good for morale and should become a regular activity. All participants are requested to send AAR (after action review) comments describing sustains and improves for this event to LCDR Lupercus Archanus.


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