Personal Log: 0713.17

Personal Log:

Finally, I have bed. My quarters have finally been finished with the modifications I wanted. Had the quarters next to might ripped out to extend my quarters and made that more a master bedroom suite and master bathroom. Taking a idea from Commander Data and have a workstation with an independent computer system. With the extension of my quarters I have a nice dining room for 12 people. When I got back also made sure the Admirals quarters were finished too.

Came back from Furlandia and took a break. Furlandia was good and might have more crew from there. Three weeks later had to take the shuttle for a meeting at another meeting. Now that we are all back need to work on the ship for a bit. I would really like my command chair. The bridge is looking good except I have no command chair, hmm Chief Engineer says he has something special which is cool and scary at the same time.

So need to look at the rest of this years ports that I need to get to. Orycon will be having a Region 5 Summit so will need to get the shuttle ready for that. Also, need to get the 2018 calendar done (note to engineering and shuttle crews get the Monroe ready for a lot of miles for 2018).

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