Personal Log: 0701.17


I headed to Cargo bay 1 after dinner to do an inventory and confirm everything got here from DS9, and as I was going over the verity of non-synthehol drinks, I found a small fluffy ball on top of a open and empty box of candy. After scanning it with my tricorder I found that it is a Tribble. After looking at the database over Tribble information, I see that this Tribble is pregnant.

I have already been to medical and our Nurse, Relena, 'squeaked' after seeing what I brought in. She did a medical scan and said that 10 babies will be born in the next 4 hours and has already told me she wants one. As to make sure we do not over run the ship, and control the population, once the babies are born Relena will neuter the babies with a simple hypospray. Once done she will notify me and I will put them into a controlled environment, that I am currently replicating. I will be making some additional ones for Relena and others whom choose to have one as a pet.

Please see attached scan of the Tribble.

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