Personal Log: 0625.17**

Canisians and Caitans living together! Mass hysteria!

My trip to the market at Port Furlandia was pleasantly successful. The proceeds from my wares have been forwarded to my home on Canisius to protect my interests there as I will be away for sometime.

I made the rondevous with the Shuttle Monroe. The meeting with the staff heading up Project Dragonfly went well in my opinion. I do believe they have the right stuff to put this ship and its non-standard crew together. Following the meeting I proceeded from the Port to an undisclosed location via my privately owned cargo vessel for additional training to refresh my martial skill.

After several contacts with fleet headquarters I have finally managed to secure my access codes to my personnel record and fleet database. One thing that has withstood the test of time since the days of wooden hulls, fleet bureaucracy. Admittedly problems seem to resolve much quicker now than they did when I first joined the fleet many years ago.

Sadly, while I was attending training the shipyard has found some problems with my vessel Diane. All of her operating machinery is in excellent condition and is expected to remain in service indefinitely, however, her hull is very old and will require reinforcement. I will have to spend much of my off duty hours at the shipyard working on my vessel when I'm not assisting with turning this Excelsior-II Class hulk into a starship...

Security Log: 1200 Beta shift on duty 1215 Secondary hull, deck 20, forward dorsal cargo storage. All secure. 1236 Deck 20, dorsal cargo storage- amidships. One rack of dry goods. Inventory record out of date. All secure. 1259 Deck 20, dorsal cargo storage- aft. Compartment unsecured. contents stored in 'non-standard' fashion [haphazard]. Inventory records are outdated and missing. Logged as a labour crew priority. 1321 Main engineering. Repairs on going, staff report delays due to shortages of ships spares and major end items. Secured by engine watchstanders. 1349 Deck 24, warp core shaft. Shaft secure, core assembly still on order. 1414 Deck 23, forward photon torpedo launcher. System currently off line. No personnel assigned. Compartment secured. 1438 Deck 27, navigation computer core. Engineering staff assembling new components. 1501 Deck 30, navigation deflector control station. Repairs on going. All secure 1537 Deck 31, main shuttle bay. Officer of the deck reports all craft secure. No scheduled flight activity at this time. 1559 Watch relieved. Gamma shift assumes the watch.

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