Personal Log: 0526.17

Several days ago I received a communique from an old friend in the fleet. I had been working the forge art my Canisian home, constructing the objects of bygone ages. While it is true that many of these tools have become obsolescent and could easily be replicated by modern technology I cannot help but feel the satisfaction of working with my own paws.

It seems that my run at civil life will be again be put on hold. Starfleet has again requested my service. I was intrigued when I learned of the intention to staff a new first rate vessel with a crew entirely composed of my own kind. How could a refuse an opportunity to bring honour to my people?

I needn't even pack my bags. The old grey grate in the corner of my shop had been waiting under a layer of dust for a day like today to come. Uniforms, check, padd, check, service records, check, low profile armor, check, Canisian long knife... Check. Ready.

The orders followed promptly. "Report to Port of Furlandia to rondevous with Shuttlecraft Munroe for assignment within the security division. Furlandia? That's a good 6-7 hours travel by freighter. It is fortuitous that I had already planned to bring my wares to market there this cycle.

Supplemental: I have arrived 34 hours before the rondevous. I will set up my stall at the market and while away the time until the meeting. With any luck I shall encounter others on the same journey while I'm there at stall A04.

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