Declassified log 0206.19

Chief Engineer Personal Log 0524.18

Lieutenant James Fluffball

After returning from the Furlandia port with the requisitioned cargo, and delivering a couple additional crew members to the U.S.S. Dragonfly, I took the Runabout Monroe to head out on another supply run to pick some needed supplies that otherwise would be delayed, and hit an decommissioned ship yard to search for any thing we can use.

While in transit to my first destination, I have been reading up on Federation reports for this area, Engendering reports, and tinkering on some pet projects. It seems my flight path will take me within range of a stellar nursery...

(Computer): Long range scans have detected a distress call.

Computer are any others ships in range? How long would it take us to arrive?

(Computer): No other ships are in scanning range. It will take approximately 8 hours at maximum warped to reach the location.

Computer change heading towards the distress call and send a subspace message to the captain regarding the flight change.

Computer pause log.



I have been running continuous long range scans and analyzing the distress call I received. As I’ve gotten closer to the distress call source, I have been able to run more detailed scans I've gotten closer. Based on preliminary scans and analysis, the distress call has a Borg signature, and the long range scans of the vessel seem to confirm this, however sensors can't determine if its an standard Borg design. Sensors have also detected residual Transwarp readings and a great amount of debris. Based on the power signature readings the vessel seems to be adrift.

Computer open hailing frequencies to the Borg vessel. 'Hello I have received your distress call, please state the nature of your emergency.' Computer repeat communication till a response is received.

Computer raise shields and put weapons on standby, using Borg modulation 2. Start Ongoing Ship log recording for record.


I have entered in the extreme visual range of the Borg Vessel, and two thirds of the ships exterior seems to have been ripped from the hull, and is scattered through the area, no life signs detected. Based on my analysis, and the debris pattern, the vessel seems to have suffered extreme damage from a Transwarp malfunction. I am able to detect low levels of power in a couple of the remaining functioning parts of the ship, but nothing that would indicate any significant threat.

(Computer): We are being scanned by the largest section of debris. Incoming hail.

Computer on screen.

(Borg): "We are the Borg. Your Technology is inferior to our own. You will surrender your transwarp coils to us, you will not be harmed."

Um....Borg Vessel. We have no transwarp coils on board, and I think you'll need more then a transwarp coil to fix your ship.

(Borg): We are the Borg. We will adapt, you will assist us in our repairs or you will be assimilated.

I am sure you will adapt, but I can destroy you with my little ship. Two thirds of your ship is in debris and your power levels are minimal. You have entered Federation space, and any aggressive action will be met with your destruction.

(Borg): "We are the Borg. You will transport us to sector 001 where we will meet with Voyager."

What is your interest with Voyager?

(Borg): "We will meet with Voyager, and designation 7 of 9.

I am not able to comply with that request without knowing your intentions to the Voyager Ship and her Crew.

(Borg): "We are 6 of 6, severed from the collective through the events from Unimatrix Zero, we seek designation 7 of 9 to further ourselves without the collective."

Computer suspend communications. Search for and display any details over Unimatrix Zero from Voyagers Logs.

(Computer): No records found in local memory, connection to the nearest Federation outpost will take 22 hours to process your inquiry.

Frack, .... Computer reopen communications with the Borg vessel. 6 of 6, I am getting readings of power fluctuations that can lead to a chain reaction that will lead to further power failure and possible to the full destruction of your ship. How much of your crew is left? Are you able to stope the power failure on your ship?

(Borg): "We are One. This vessel will be destroyed to prevent reintegration with the collective. Repairs are irrelevant.

If you mean no harm to me or any other Federation member, or ally, I will transport you aboard, but we can learn a lot from any salvage components we can get from the Borg. Would you allow me to salvage what remains with out destroying the ship further?

(Borg): We are not the collective, we will not seek to harm those who do not intend to harm us. You may salvage this vessel in exchange for transportation and safety from the Collective.

6 of 6, please stand by for transportation. I will transport in 43 seconds. Computer, end communications and scan the Borg vessel and debris and start transporting any priority materials to the cargo bay as soon as transport of 6 of 6 has been completed. Initiate Borg Security protocol Gamma around the transport pad.

(Computer): "Borg Security protocol Gamma has been activated. Forcefield has been engaged."

Computer locate and initiate Transport of the Borg drone.

(Computer): "Transport completed, detecting massive power surge in the debris, recommend raise shields and move to a safe distance.

Computer Raise Shields and move us to a safe distance! Damn, I thought you were not going to destroy your vessel 6. We had an agreement.

(Borg): "The Vessel posed to great a risk to this sector for the collective to return. We have a data node in exchange for the destruction."

*growls* You could of told me that before transporting, shields must be down to transport, and you timed that any quicker, or if I was any slower, we could of been destroyed.

(Borg): "We had to initiate vessel destruction upon our departure or we would have had no way to ensure it's destruction. Deception is new to us, and you may also be deceptive in your actions. A compromise was needed, here is a date node from our vessel."

You.....*sigs* Point. Why do you keep referring to your self as "we" when there is only One of you? Looking at my tricorder readings, you seem yo be uninjured.

(Borg): "We were Borg, we were many, we are one, we are 6 of 6."

Right. Can I call you 6? 6, I am going to lower the shield and let you out. If you do anything I dont like, I will transport you into space.

(Borg): "We can survive in space. We will comply."

Computer, Lower shields around the transport pad and have a active transporter lock on 6. Be ready to Transport into space on my command. Continue with log in passive mode and send ongoing updates to the Captain.



After bringing 6 on board, I spend a few more hours scanning and gathering any remaining debris that would be of use. I left a marker bouy and sent a request to STARFLEET for a salvage team to do a more detailed scan and salvage operation.

I have been at the space station for 68 hours now. The shuttle has been loaded with the cargo I ordered, and 6 and I have spoken with the head of the station, whom has spoken with Command and Captain Armstrong, and has been fully apprised of what happened on my trip, but let me make note of something’s that happened since my last log.

6 plugged into a power conduit and linked up with the shuttle to regenerate. 6 and I had several long conversations some over the information had gathered from his vessel and just over any questions he had. 6 also spoke with the captain directly.

All together I have come to understand 6 and learned that he will always surprise me with something. For this reason it has been decided that 6 will be assigned to the U.S.S. Dragonfly and be monitored by, well me. This is due to 6's and I’s interactions as reported in the active ship log that was sent to and reviewed by Command and the Captain. After our meeting with the stations Captain 6 and I went down to medical to get 6 a full medical work up, as per regulations, and start the process of removing any implants that can be. The Dr. from Voyager has been sent over, through subspace to assist, as he is the foremost expert in this regard.

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