Chief Engineer Personal Log 1111.18

Lieutenant James Fluffball

The residents and others aboard the Orycon Station are a sight to see. It is a classic design and they updated a bit since the Captain's and I's last visit.

This Meeting of STARFLEET Officials was to review the final shakedown of the Ship and crew roster, and to make sure all reports were in order for our final commission ceremony. With the conformation of the Region coordinators, we are due to have our Launch on Stardate 0215.19. We will be making our way to Radcon station for our trail run, and celebration. Then we will head to DS9 for a resupply of some special material, and then a course will be set to Risa for some R&R before we star our deep space missions.

With my normal duties aboard ship, the captain has also asked if I would act as his First Officer, as he reviews applications and available personnel for the post. I hope we find a qualified First Officer before we start our first mission, as I do not want to be running all over the ship, and from the bridge to Engineering at any given time.

I got some review material to go over, and one of the Officials wanted to ask about some of the modifications I had put into the Dragonfly. I will be reviewing ship details with our region officers, and be informed over what exams I need to complete for the role of First Officer role as well.

We have also signed up a few additional crew who would be rendezvous with us at space dock with the Dragonfly in a couple weeks. I am glad to see we gaining more crew, and we still need many more to fill all the option posts. With the need for Ships and Crew, all ships will be running at minimal composite for a while. The war ending a few years ago, I just glad it is over.

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