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Updated: Oct 27, 2018

The Captain and I have arrived to Westercon 71, this outpost is nice but very remote. Everything has to be shipped in as any resources have to be shipped in from locations all over the sector.

The Captain and I will be meeting up with one of our security officers currently assigned here, whom will be joining us on our return trip to the ship.

Besides picking up some computer parts and data files, we are here to petition for the location of Westercon 73 station. The Station will be run by Sally, a good friend of the Captain's. While they work on the petition I will be working on some enhancements to the Mini Halo emitter.

I have been tinkering on this Mini Halo emitter, to use as a way to disguise members on an away mission, especially for those whom DNA augmentation, or minor body manipulation.This has no effect on the mass displacement of the individual, but will disguise the exterior to fit the needed situation. I did a trial run while on Westercon 71 staton, it worked, with a minor expedition. While I was able to look Human, my tail was still viewable. I will be needing some further refinement, with the halo matrix in reference to the persons body figure and Extremities, and what it should do when needing to remove parts that are not a part of the disguise selected. This also adds the question, as to what to do when added Extremities are needed on someone whom does not have the correct needed limbs.

Like a Human needing four arms, how to program the additional arms to do what the individual is wanting. I will need to speak with medical for how we can include an neural transmitter, to the device and how to link it to the Halo emitter, and an Halo programmer on how to link the two devices.

Computer Pause Log.


Star Date 0706.18

I just heard from the Captain, Sally and he have won the bid for the location of Westercon 73 station. Once the station is operational we will make we will stop by for some shore leave and take over one of the large Halo Rooms.

The Captain and I will be heading back to Spacedock in 2 days, and I just got word that the other equipment needed for astrometrics are delayed, but if I take the Runabout to pick them up, it will get us the parts, two and a half weeks sooner.

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