Captain's Log: 1009.17

******All Hand - General Announcement ******

Christmas had got here today. We have 22 tugs and cargo ship starting to beam stuff aboard.

So I will break this down by departments to start getting your stuff.

So if you are off duty either get work uniforms on or jeans and a shirt and start helping us get stuff moved around.

Engineering: In all cargo bays in the secondary hull have the engines parts, warp drive parts for the nacelles and the rest of the impulse drives

I have a warp core in a ships tractor ready to be put in.

Pods 3 & 4: Is the new computer Core

Tactical: Your phasers and new photon tubes are here.

Security: Your phasers pistoles and rifles and all your weapons lockers are here.

CMO: Pod 1 has all your sick bay equipment.

Navigation: Astrometric’s is in Pod 2 is full on stuff for you.

We also just got 2 more Runsbouts - USS Queen Elizabeth 2, USS Loch Ness. We have a number of con’s to go to. I will be taking the USS Monroe to Orycon and the Region 5 Conference. Lt Morag Bryce and the CMO can take the USS Queen Elizabeth 2 to ANW. There are flyer file in the file area here.

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