Acting First Officer, and Chief Engineer

Personal Log 0215.19

Commander James Fluffball

Personal long,

I have taken over the role as XO, as per the Captain request. The level 8 Ion store is still passing through the system, and will be disrupting several Federation outposts. All ships are set to be in port in locations that can handle the storm, and hunker down till it passes.

Good news is, word of the store came through as we were on cores to Risa. We put the ship in a orbit, around the planet. Linking our ships shields with the others in orbit together. Rise should be well protected, and our linked shields are being supported with added power from the planets power grid.

Our stay will be extended here on Risa, and once able to leave orbit, we will head out to do some test trials with the Dragonfly, while out commissioning ceremony is rescheduled.

We will have a few weeks of getting things aboard the ship worked out, then I will be running drills getting the crew ready for what is out there.

Now, the store is due to hit in 33 hours, and it should take 18 hours for it to pass us. Then we will stay here for an added week, before leaving orbit.

Now back to the party and mingle with the crew at one of the local night clubs.

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