Acting Chief Engineer Log: 0720.17

Note to self, never mention that I have not gotten to completing the build of the new Captain's chair to the medical staff. It seems that one or more of the Nurse's thought it be fun to whip something up. Turns out, the Captain was not impressed.

I have taken the Nurse's attempt to a Captain's chair away and I immediate returned to working on the chair that the Captain requested pulling in a few of the Engineering crew to make sure everything is ready. I have modeled Captain Armstrong's chair after the original Excelsior Class ship. We have made it a bit larger and added some new advanced displays. Morag having brought the details medical scans of the Captain for a more perfect fit.

Each arm rest is a bit larger, fanning out to the side, giving a larger area display and optional preset configurations at a quick tap on the screen for Tactical, Navigation, Science, Engineering status, etc. I also added a small pop out replicator on the right side, that will be able to replicate the Captain a drink and simple snack. I have already preset it for the Captain's favorites; it can replicate a hot or cold cup of Rose Tee and a Scone filled with a verity of jam options.

The Chair is off white duranium with blue corinthian leather, witch I was informed would be an preferred cushions cover, with a fine gold trim stitching. The Chair has been sized to fit the Captain perfectly, I also added an updated restraint that will secure the Captain to the chair, that I will be adding to all Bridge seats. To make sure no one goes flying across the ship in any ship emergency situations.

Oh! I also added a special red button to the chair that the Captain can use that will be connected later once I get things further along with the rest of the ship.

The final parts to install the chair to the bridge are replicating now. One I get notified that they are completed I will report to the bridge to install the chair and call the Captain up to the Bridge, but I think he be watching me install it.

Computer: Replication complete.

Seems like it back to work, End Log.

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