Acting Chief Engineer Log: 0629.17

It has been a couple weeks since we got back to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards from the Furlandia port. The crew of our Spacedock seem to have an energy in them that was not present when we first dragged the Excelsior Class ship in.

Several crews have been working all over the ship, taking out the older conduit and replacing it with the upgraded material as well as adding holoemitters with a dedicated battery connected to the ships power supply. This can be used for running any number of things through out the ship. The batteries will be able to run for days if the ship is out of power depending on the program being used. I will confirm with the Captain that connecting the batteries to the forcefield emitters through the ship before doing so, but doing this will give us another backup power supply in ship emergencies.

I have also designed some sleeping pods that we can use for the crew until we can get living quarters setup around the ship. I am also tinkering with a rework of the Crew quarters for these pods. I will be submitting my designs to the Engineering Core as well as Ship design, as it will give more space aboard the ship. I plan for it to have a large display and several personal compartments that can be used. Having a double door setup that allowed one to be sealed and used like a short term life pod, but it is limited in what it can do before needing to be transported out or retrieved, the other for using on a daily use. These pods can be very versional, and they are based off an old Earth design that was very basic.

I would also like to note, that I have found some more Engineering Crew to fill in some key positions. They are currently in root and will be put to work quickly once arrived.

Also, some supplies from DS9 have arrived and are being loaded into Cargo bay 1 and I will inventory them after dinner.

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