Acting Chief Engineer Log: 0529.17

Our visit to the Furlandia port was an eventful one. The Captain spoke with several whom seemed interested in joining our crew. We will be heading back to Spacedockk in a couple days, I hope with a couple more passengers to fill out our small crew.

While docked I did some research into the origins of our Excelsior-class ship. It seems a Captain Richard McKenzie made the request to have a new Excelsior-class ship built with the current materials and technology as he was found of the design. Not long after the first and secondary hull was completed Captain McKenzie chose to take command of an Galaxy Class starship after touring the Enterprise at Spacedock (in 2364); leaving the Excelsior to the fate we found it in. The conceptions of the Intrepid Class and other new starship designs were being started at this time. This would explain the relatively new construction and more current technology we found aboard the Excelsior-class ship compared to other Excelsior-class ship's as they went our of production years ago.

Since then the Excelsior class ship was used for storage and shows signs of testing some basic upgrade designs by several different engineering teams that were fully intergraded in other starships. Several sections of the interior show to have been stripped down, exposing the bulk heads, and lots of missing conduit is missing; most likely for parts for other ships higher up on the production line.

Along with more Tritanium to replace the missing walls and all the standard supplies for completing the build of our ship, I am adding more small holoemitters, generators, and power storage devices. I want to install them through out the ship and setup some emergency power stations to run them. With an E.M.H. or an L.M.H it would be able to get to different parts of the ship more quickly then the medical staff can get to any injured crewmen, maybe do light maintenance and cleaning around the ship if i do some halo programming. I will need to ask the Captain for an Holographic engineer to help with this project.

I will also need to ask the Captain about an idea I have for hydroponics as we do not have an hydroponics bay I would like to install several mini gardens throughout the ship. They will take little energy and provide food that can be picked by the crew when passing by, or act as rations in needed situations. We would need an botanical science officer on board to select the correct type of plans and tend to them. I will be meeting the Captain later for dinner and will discus this with him then.

(sigh) As I am enjoying the Furlandia Port, I am eager to get back on the Monroe and get back to Spacedock and get working on my ship. There is a lot of work to be done, and I don't think those guys a Spacedock have done much besides unload anything stored on the ship. I think the Captain is as eager to return to his ship as I, I heard him speaking with Ensign Stark about returning at Warp 4.

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