Acting Chief Engineer Log 0202.18

It has been a couple months since the Captain and I have returned from the Region 5 Meeting at the Orycon Spaceport. We encountered some interesting visitors, and had a great time.

The main reason for our trip to the Orycon Spaceport was to meet up with our Mother Ship, Wolf 359 and meet with our Commanding officers for this region, who will be giving us orders once we have the U.S.S. Dragonfly ready for flight.

I am glad to report, on our return that the warp core was being fine tuned by Morag and the various stations have been setup around the ship. Room by room is getting outfitted with the much needed supplies that arrived shortly before the Captain and I left.

The Spacedock crew assigned to help us with getting this ship working, were able to open up the hull and start the skeletal work for some... well, other modifications that I have planed for this ship.

Since our return, I have been running around and getting all hands on deck to get the cargo storied out of the way and the supplies to the correct department. I should not have expected a nurse to have things distrusted through out the ship correctly, on my arrival back i found things have been storied in such a disarray. My Room alone had five cargo containers of Engineering supplies, while the Arboretum had cargo for our half a dozen other areas. It has taken me this long to locate and confirm all cargo that was received and get it to the needed departments along with getting my own duties completed.

Main systems have been up a week after we returned, The Warp core fully installed and Morag running tests and configurations over the changes and making sure we will not fall apart with the modifications I have had approved. As I said we are getting things done Room by Room. We are also gathering more long term staff and seeing off any whom are off to other positions.

The main expansion and additions to the secondary hull and Nacelles should be done in the next couple months, and then a couple more months for the inside to be outfitted. I have an idea for a second Sensor array, but I am not sure the Captain will allow me much more tinkering before he just wants his ship finished.

The work on the bridge and major modification of Deck One is going well, the Shuttle has been delivered without a space mile on the nacelle. I will giving it a look over and run my own test and let Morag take a look at the Warp core over the next couple days. We want to make sure our Captain's Yacht is in top shape before he takes her out for her first fly.

We have been able to get a lot done, but more still to get done on this ship. The Primary Hull has had the last of the bio-neural gel pack's installed and tests, the Secondary hull will have 80% of it's bio-neural gel pack installed, pending the hull reconfiguration to allow us to complete the last of those to install.

The Captain should be calling a meeting of the crew to see whom would be wanting to have Lead positions and more responsibility. With a Ship of this size and class, we will need a lot of good people to be able to keep her running properly. I guess that is all for now, Computer, End Log.

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