Personal Log Stardate: 11.01.19

Ensign JG Vorel Kethend

Sorry I have not been vocal the past few months my family life has been a little chaotic, but as of 09.02.19 my boyfriend Griffin asked me to marry him in the most romantic way.

He did it by recreating our first date, where we went dancing and with a stroke of luck we where the only ones on the dance floor, after that we went to the hole-deck and he programmed in my favorite place a board walk at night looking out over the ocean with a sky filled with stars, and as I was looking out at the sky he called to me as I looked at him he was down on one knee and holding out the most beautiful ring I had ever see. I was speak-less I did know what to do with myself.

But to make a long story short I said yes and we are planing on some time in the spring and I just can't wait I am so happy.

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