Chief Engineer Log 1020.17

It has been several hours since the cargo's ships have delivered our Ships upgrades, Equipment, materials, and everything we need to get this boat ready.

We preformed a in dock saucer separation to install the new Warp core into the ship. This also let us check out the connecters since the ship was first assembled. All connectors and emergency systems show good and will be checked out while things are separated. It should take 5 weeks till we have the ship connected again, and back to normal. We will be doing a major refit to the current design. Making room for several more labs and crew quarters.

The New computer cores will be transported into place and connected over the next 13 hours. Two cores in the saucer and one in the secondary hull. The secondary computer core in the saucer will be the main computers for the research labs for running independent calculations.

A couple extra work crews from the Engineering Core came in with the equipment, all of whom I have worked with before. I told them about my new posting and the plans I have for this Ship and they all got together with the cargo request, and brought some other gear and equipment to help with the project to get this ship refitted, updated, and the secondary hull expanded.

With the amount of people working on this project, we should be ready for flight tests of the warp core and new secondary impulse engines in the next 9 weeks. We can also do some weapon tests and a full ship shack down.

The warp core is still being connected, monitored by Morag as I take a break for some food and to make this log, and then we will be powering it up once we have the computer cores installed. I will give a full report to the Captain later when we have the ship computers and warp core configured.

Lieutenant Fluffball signing off. End log.

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