Captain's Log: 0522.17

So we will be In the morning for the Port of Furlandia. At cruising speed of warp 3 we should be there in 2 and half days. I feel bad for the Admiral has to sleep on a cot, but at the times that's all we have. But the Admiral is tough.

New Crew:

Security Lupercus - New - Crew Head of Ten Forward - Kenneth Siefring - New - Crew (I would like to note that our Ten Forward will be 3 times the size of the one on the Enterprise D. No synthahol allowed.) Bartender - Christine Herman - New - Crew Engineering - Morag - New - Lieutenant Medical - Dr. Lilly Rose - new - Lieutenant JR Grade

Starfleet Historian - Shadar Gantra (Sheli Pool) - Rear Admiral (Note: At one time Shelia was the Region 5 Coordinator that's why the rank. I will tell you I feel honored the Admiral want to come out of retirement and walk the deck of our ship.)

REGION 5 - Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington. This is the area that our ship is part of, even though we will be having crew from outside those areas.

So I have a panel down at Furlandia about the ship so I hope we can get more crew. I’ll post after I get back.

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