Ship Communications

Hi All

Sorry, it’s been a bit since I have made a report to the crew I have been a little swamped between going to con’s and running con and trying to keep up with school. So here is some of the stuff that been going on since my last report. Are ship is looking more like a starship than an empty hull. Our computer systems are up and we have our own power now. Everything coming together and I am hoping by next Furlandia we can get commissioned, or that at least is my goal. So here is my schedule for the next couple months:

June 8th - 10th, 2018 - ConComCon 25 June 16th, 2018 Rustycon Meeting June 24th, 2018 Pride Parade (We are in the parade with PNW Fan Conventions) June 30th, 2018 Funeral for a Family friend

July 4th - 8th, 2018 Westercon In Denver (we will have flyers there) July 21st, 2018 RAIN Summer BBQ July 27th, 2018 Mine and James Anniversary July 30th, 2018 to August 3rd, 2018 We will be in St Louis

August 18th, 2018 Friends Wedding

So I am going to be a bit busy but I will start filling out the request for our ship types and list you as crew. We do need 10 paired members to Star Fleet so of you get your membership email me at

At Furlandia we have picked up some new members and going back to Rustycon we have picked up a “Kage Officer for our fighter squadron Dan Dubrick” and others their. I hope in the next couple months we can get a list and positions that we have on the ship.

If you get a chance go to and get your membership if you want. membership is only $5.00.

We will try to get people assigned this month.

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