Captain's Log: 0520.17

So, the ship will (hopefully) be commissioned the U.S.S. Dragonfly. The Engineer and myself will be taking the runabout to the port of Furlandia where we will hopefully get more crew to join us. The rest of the officers will oversee their parts of the refit.

Crew Roster: (Except for me everyone will have the rank from Crewman to LT. After we are a commission ship is when ranks will make some changes. Also, the names I am using now are there real name or furry name. They may change later.)

Captain: Gene Armstrong (STI Member) Captain's Yeoman: John Jacobson - Ensign

Chief Engineer: James Stringer (STI Member) - Lieutenant Science Officer: Moorecat - New - Lieutenant Tactical Officer: Dillion - New (STI Member) - Ensign Counselor - Dawn -New - Lieutenant Security Officer - Hane - New (STI Member) - Ensign Nurse - Relena - New (STI Member) - Ensign

With many more to come -

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