Captain's Log: 0430.17

So my ship has finally reached space dock at Earth. It is an Excelsior 2 class star ship and even after it was connected to the space dock we had to wait for 2 days before we could board her so I could take command. It is pretty gutted and we are going to have a lot of work to do. The ship’s name started out U.S.S. Yamato for about a week and then decommissioned so the name the name could be switched to a Galaxy class and was never recommissioned and pretty much never finished.

The main hull and all the rooms were finished but before anyone could start making it look like a starship they stopped. There are monitor and half of the console somewhat put in. Hell, the captain chair is still in the box on the bridge. They have the temp computer core still running things. Which is fine for us because of some of the anthropomorphic races I will be having as crew we need to make changes.

I have also been issued a “Danube Class Runabout” U.S.S. Monroe to start collecting my crew and getting them to work on the ship.

Crew: Captain Gene Armstrong

Ensign George Stark (John Jacobson) - Captain Yeoman Lt James Stringer - Chief Engineer

Sent a request to the shipyard asking for equipment. They asked what I needed? I sent a picture back and said, "Everything ".

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