1108.18** [1811.08]

Personal Log:

An old wolf once told me to “keep the quail feather down” when learning the warrior ways of our people. It is good advice, but I have never been particularly good at doing so. This past weekend I was selected for promotion to Lt. Cmdr. I understand that the position brings with it all the expectations of quality leadership and service.

The Security Division of the Dragonfly is filling up nicely with new personnel. I believe a Division meeting is in order to discuss the direction we would like to take our department and to evaluate what training programs we should undertake.

The next few days will be very busy for our crew. Some will be on detached duty for fleet taskings, while others have a myriad of cultural responsibilities. I myself will be on leave to take part in a very old ritual to remember the feats of my warrior ancestors and to take part an another ritual dedicated to the happiness of the future.

Two more hours till Beta shift assumes the watch...

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