Academy: 2357

Major in 

Minor in 

Security specialties:

Received 27 awards for service include Combat Action, Emergency Duty (Civil Support) x2, Commendation Medal, Good Conduct and awards from allies.


Service Record:

On entering the service at the age of 17 Lupercus was assigned to Region 5 and received his initial service training aboard the USS [REDACTED] serving with the security services division.

On completion of his initial tour he transferred to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Mars where he received advanced training in ground combat, demolitions. On completing his advanced training he was again assigned to tactical elements of the Corps of Engineers assigned to Region 5. Participated in two forward deployments where he had personally engaged in close combat. 

Following his second tour Lupercus returned to school for damage control and specialized training in basic life support. After a year of shore duty Lupercus transferred to inactive duty and took up a rural residence on the mountains of his ancestral home on Canisius where he took up the primitive trade of village blacksmith and historian while serving as a sergeant in the local defense force.


After a short union he acquired several used vessels and pursued civil interests in the merchant marine.

On the initiation of “Project Dragonfly” Lupercus received orders to once again report for active Starfleet service.


Married: N/A



Early life: Lupercus was born to a Canisian family residing in the mountains of Montana, approximately 95 miles northwest of the Cochrane launch site. His father had disappeared by the time of his birth and may have gone off world. His mother had made do raising him till his 13th year when he left home to pursue educational interests. 

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​Name: Archanus, Lupercus J.

Gender: Male

Species: Furry – Wolf: Gray

Age: 34

Rank: Ensign– Security

Assignment: U.S.S. Dragonfly


Born: Earth, Rocky MOuntains