Acting Chief Engineer Notes:

In 2293, the fate of the Excelsior design was sealed when Starfleet passed on the name of a legacy. The launch of the USS Enterprise-B opened the door for the Excelsior-class to become one of the most widely used designs in all of Starfleet, a design lasting well into the late 24th century.


Before heading out with the Captain on the Runabout, Monroe, I asked the team at Space doc to do a scan of the ship to give me a current layout and blueprint of our ship get the ship ready for a full inspection. It shows that it still has the capability of 16 phaser banks and 4 forward photon torpedo launchers and 2 aft photon torpedo launchers. The crew at Space doc will be storing all the gear left on the Excelsior in Cargo Bay 4 and 6. New Supplies when requisitioned will be stored in Cargo Bay 2 and 3.


After looking over our Excelsior Class ship, in its various stages of construction, I did find some hidden jewels in this design. The Warp Nacelles are in the very early stages of the change over that help prevent damage to the subspace. With some secondary hull impulse drive that of the Intrepid. I will have to review these plans in more details and work with the computer at Space doc to run simulations. I also found several parts for what look to build an tricyclic input manifold. That with the new Warp Core design being used in Starfleet, this one of the fastest Excelsior Class Ships in the Fleet. Might need to make some modifications due to the different in ship size, I will have to add that to my list of simulations to run when back at Space doc. I also found some pulse phaser cannons hidden behind some other equipment on the main hanger deck. I can't wait to see how they preform.


This means that this ship was being constructed at about the same time the Intrepid and Defiant Class Star Ship's were starting production. Most likely trying to incorporate the new design elements being produced in the other class's of ships. All of this in mind would seem that this ship was discarded after her name was used for a new Galaxy Class ship along with the need for more ships focused on speed, and maneuverability to fight the Borg because of Wolf 359, and the threat of the Dominion put more priority towards the Intrepid, and Defiant Class. Along with the several other Star Ship Class's being produced at the time, the Excelsior class was decommissioned.


Decommissioned or not, the state of this ship is perfect to bring it into new life and start a new generation of the Excelsior Class Star Ship.