Academy: 2354 - 2358 (21 - 25)

Trained in Star Ship Security and Operations

Security specialties:
    Weapons Specialist
    Jiu jitsu
    Hei heha


Received several awards in marksmanship and won twice in the Academy hand to hand combat competitions in 2357 and 2359.  Recipient of the Dominion War Victory Medal and accommodations for injury.


Service Record:
2358 - 2361: U.S.S. 
2361 - 2369: Stationed on Star base 287
2369 - 2375: Stationed at the Federation conciliate on Betazed.
2375​ - 2377: Personal leave
2377: Assigned to the U.S.S. Dragonfly


Married: August 12, 2367, Divorced June 2, 2369, one child born .  


Hobby: Enjoys Halo novels with his son, and friends, racket ball,



Notes: Lost his right arm during the Battle on Betazed. Took leave to recover and to be with his son before being assigned to the U.S.S.Dragonfly.

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Name: Oni, Thomas  

Gender: Male

Species: Furry - Heyna

Age: 45

Rank: Ensign - Security Alpha

Assignment: U.S.S. Dragonfly

Born: Earth calendar: July 17, 2333