Service Record:

Born on a Starbase to a family that instilled in him the need for making good food instead of just getting it from the replicator. When he turned 15 his family was living on a planet near a Klingon outpost. He learned how to make several Klingon dishes. And with his first bowl of Gagh his eyes were opened to a universe of cuisine.


He joined up with a science vessel as an assistant to the head of the galley at 20. At 23 his ship was shot down near Cardassia, the replicators had not survived the trip but luckily they were able to find some edible plants. When they were picked up three months later they found the crew well fed and bringing back multiple specimens at his request.

He continued to travel with starships and transports until he decided to join the Monroe... especially since he was given charge of the lounge, and got to name it. Though he decided to let the crew decide the name through a poll.






Favorite Quote: "Computer doesn't put love in the pie, the cook does!"

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​Name: Siefring, Kenneth

Gender: Male

Species: Furry – Large Feline/ House Cat

Age: 36

Rank:  None

General Crew: Ten Forward Host/ Cook Hours Marcus

Assignment: U.S.S. Dragonfly