Academy: 2366 – 2371 (18 – 23)

Major in Engineering, Advanced Theoretical Physics, and Probability mechanics

Minor in Astrophysics, and Advanced Navigation


Engineer specialties:

    Aerospace engineer

    Design Engineer

    Holographic engineer

    Maintenance engineer

    Systems engineer

    Warp field engineer


Received the Jalhal Award and J. Bruce Award

Quick reference:: The Jalhal Award was an academic distinction given in the 24th century for excellence in warp field studies. The J. Bruce Award was a Federation prize awarded to a person who made achievements in a field of technology, science, or engineering. (


Service Record:

2371 – 2377: Served as a member of the Starfleet Engineering Corps, comes highly recommended by his superiors based on his ingenuity and unique problem solving ability.

2377 (30): Currently Assigned to U.S.S. Dragonfly, personal request to Captain Armstrong.


Married to a Dragonien ambassador, with three adopted children, currently residing on Risa.


Hobby: Exoarchaeology, piloting space craft, and Music


Notes: Known to reprogram computer terminals and alerts for various acoustic responses for a symphonic response.

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​Name: Fluffball, James

Gender: Male

Species: Furry – Tiger 

Age: 30

Rank: Commander – Acting First Officer, and Chief Engineer

Assignment: U.S.S. Dragonfly


Born: On an federation colony deep in the beta quadrant, Star Date 28929.896 (Earth date Dec 22 2348)